PGA World Alliance

The PGAs of Europe is a member of the PGA World Alliance, which was formed to ensure standards are kept for PGAs and their member PGA Professionals across the globe.

Among its principle aims is to establish and guide teaching, playing and educational standards for the golf profession in developing golf territories and share best practices in player development for adults and youth.

Alongside The PGA, the Alliance comprises the Professional Golfers’ Associations of America, Australia, Canada, PGAs of Europe, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden.

Representing more than 56,000 PGA Professionals and more than 22,000 PGA-member golf facilities worldwide, the Alliance was born from the World PGA Conference which began in 2004 and was conducted for a third time in April, 2008, in Sydney, before a first formal meeting in 2010 at Orlando.

The Alliance is vital to the continued growth of the game and business of golf in emerging golf territories and reinforces the numerous roles fulfilled by the PGA Professionals in instruction, player development and the business of golf.

The Alliance is an exciting and important step in the on-going development of golf across the globe, giving the PGAs a platform to influence and drive the game in new and existing golf markets.

It also fulfils a crucial role in establishing standards across the golf industry, pooling resources and sharing ideas with the long-term aim of strengthening the position of PGA Professionals throughout the world as experts in their field right at the heart of golf.


The PGA World Alliance is dedicated to the betterment of the Profession, the Game and the Business of Golf Worldwide.

The Profession

Shares practices and programs relating to professional standards for playing, education and work experience to enable 40,000 PGA Professionals to better serve the game as experts in instruction, coaching and the business of golf.

The Game

Promotes and preserves the recreational and competition elements of the game including the rules and etiquette, pace of play, fitting of equipment and golf course set up which maximise the fun of participation and the challenge of competition for the 60 million people that play the game around the world.

The Business

Represents the positive economic, social and environmental impact of golf including creating jobs for millions of people at 35,000 golf courses, more than $3.5 billion in charitable contributions from professional and club tournaments, and the endorsement and adoption of environmental sustainability principles.

PGA World Alliance Members

PGA World Alliance Members

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PGA of Germany

PGA of South Africa

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