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PGA of NorwayAuthor: PGA of Norway

Posted on: 11th Oct 2017

The PGA of Norway (PGAN) & Norwegian Golf Federation (NGF) will, in close cooperation with the PGAs of Europe, launch a tutor/mentor program for members of the PGA of Norway.

The program will start in January 2018 (January 20-27) and will prepare Norwegian professionals to add even greater value to the clubs where they work by becoming better skilled to mentor the local coaching team, as well as some going on to become tutors in the new PGA education on a national basis.

Background and Objectives

The PGAN and NGF have over the last 6-7 years completely restructured their Pro/Coach education system from the grass roots to top level.

The new educational system unites a working collaboration between the PGAN, NGF, Hedmark University College, Norwegian Olympic Committee and the PGAs of Europe.

The system has been through a recognition process in all organisations involved and has been given high score. It is now, in order to reach the learning outcomes, essential that all kinds of education are delivered with the same quality as planned.

The national tutor team needs to expand to be able to deliver education according to the growing needs from the organisation, and good mentors locally, and tutors nationally, will be the difference between success or failure. Good coach teams where PGA Professionals and volunteer coaches works hand-in-hand is the vision of PGAN and NGF. This means that PGA Professionals will have solid tutor and mentor competences as well as working conditions to function as a coach of the coaches.


“We are really pleased to announce that this mentor program is being delivered together with The PGAs of Europe. It will add even more quality to the program and we will by this involvement of the PGAE do as we preach ourselves in order to living the philosophy of continuous improvement”, said Anders Thelberg, Head of Training for the PGA of Norway [pictured, right].

“The PGAs of Europe’s Tony Bennett [pictured, left] will be the “mentors mentor” during the program. We know we already have high quality in our national tutor/mentor team but we are always eager to reach a higher levels. Meeting Tony made us sure that we have found the right man to coach us to our next level. The involvement of the PGAs of Europe will also strengthen our educational system since it will help get our Norwegian model even more in line with European standards.”

PGAs of Europe Cooperation

PGAs of Europe Director of Education & Membership, Tony Bennett, added: “Since the very inception of the PGAs of Europe, more than a quarter of a century ago, we have promoted the benefits of collaboration between all of golf’s stakeholders. It is crucial to the development of the game that each organisation plays its part to ensure that golf can reach all parts of the community, and make the game accessible for participants and competitors alike.

“We are impressed with the working relationship that the PGA of Norway and NGF have created, and know that there have been huge strides made over the last few years particularly. We are sure that by collaborating with PGAN and NGF that we can help golf in Norway to make the next step along its evolution. We at the PGAs of Europe look forward to working with Anders Thelberg and all those involved in education and training from both the PGAN and NGF.”

Plan and Further Process

The tutor/mentor program is now being launched, with a start date of 20-27th of January for 2 years. The PGAN and NGF encourage golf clubs to ensure their PGA Professional attends the program. Specifically those clubs that have invested in volunteer coaches.


For more information, please contact Anders Thelberg by e-mail or cell phone 913 25 135.

PGA of NorwayAuthor: PGA of Norway

The Professional Golfers Association of Norway was founded in 2003. Coaches, Players and Coaches form the membership, and it is the role of the PGA to develop and maintain highly qualified coaches and tournament players.

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