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PGA of PolandAuthor: PGA of Poland

Posted on: 25th Jan 2016

Marek W. Podstolski:

“For the last 18 years I have been promoting the game of golf in my native country – Poland.

“Eight and half years of this time has been as the President of the PGA of Poland.  In this time we have reached the majority of our goals. The PGA of Poland is Fully Approved and the population of forty million do not think about a car when they hear the word ‘golf’.

“Now, is the time to prove that golf as sport is for everyone: young and old. Therefore: I have decided to play the match against the young Polish snowboarding champion and member of the Olympic team, Michal Ligocki, who is thirty and an eager amateur golfer.

“He is definitely a sporting celebrity and therefore often appears in the media. I am a seventy year old amateur, who is playing the game twice a week and I want to prove that golf is for everyone at any age, and I want to beat a much younger amateur in the match play which will take place in June 2016 at the Warsaw Golf Club. The winner takes it all and donates it to a charity of his choice.”

PGA of PolandAuthor: PGA of Poland

PGA Poland, a Golf Instructor Association, is a members’ organization for golf instructors, golf coaches and golf professionals. The PGA Poland ‘s mission is to promote golf, implementing the highest standards in education, raising the level of competitive and represent ethical values resulting from the tradition and history of golf.

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