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Golf Development Missions – Chile2 min read

Posted on: 14th Apr 2015

Location: Chile, South America
PGA Professional: Kevin Flynn (GB&I)

How About Chile?

The great thing about The R&A golf development missions are that you always meet people who are passionate about the game of golf – a coach, a player, a secretary or even an old member of a club who shares your interests.

Over the last 6 years i have visited many countries and met some great coaches, players and made many new friends.

My most recent trip was to Chile where I was met by Edgardo Bello Lutter, a very passionate Argentinian who was dedicated to increasing participation figures in Chile.

Edgardo worked tirelessly for The Chilean Golf Federation, he set up seminars for the coaches, liaised with the secretaries of clubs to generate new members, looked after national players, and encouraged club players to continue with their memberships while inviting newcomers to the clubs.


I gave a seminar in Santiago and another in Concepción on impact factors and ball flights and also on development ideas that would help the country in their quest to raise the number of people playing golf.  The seminar was attended by a record number of delegates and the info was very well received.

To be perfectly honest it was a breath of fresh air to deliver a presentation without using the latest in technology.  More importantly, I think the coaches of Chile appreciated it as there is currently only one Trackman unit and force-plate in the country.

I think it is so important to pitch the level of info to the level of learner, and that’s what I try to do every time I step on to the lesson tee or deliver a presentation.

I feel the most important thing when working for golf in different countries is to ensure the advice you give is clear and concise.  Wherever possible you should make yourself available when you return home.  Going the extra mile for others can be the difference between success and failure of the sport.

The R&A's Working For Golf Programme

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The R&A invests up to £5 million of Open Championship generated income annually on different aspects of golf ranging from grassroots to coaching to equipment provision.

Much of this support is delivered to emerging nations as part of a drive to raise the profile of golf as a sport for life.

Today The R&A supports golf in over 120 countries worldwide and works closely with many of its affiliates including the PGAs of Europe.