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PGA of Sweden Teaching and Coaching Conference 20131 min read

Posted on: 20th Dec 2012

The PGA of Sweden have opened up their Teaching and Coaching Conference to all international PGAs, with the theme of “Five Lessons” delivered by a range of first-class speakers who will cover many subject areas but with a particular focus on golf technique (8-10 March, 2013).

VJ Trolio, one of the most promising and talked-about young coaches in the United States, will take you back to one of the greatest players of all time, Ben Hogan. His legendary swing has been analysed and discussed for many years. Mr. Hogan spent many hours finding his answer to swing technique, which resulted in, amongst other things, his book “Five Lessons”.

VJ will have discussions about Mr. Hogan’s swing before and after his accident and explain what Ben said in these Five Lessons.

Mike Adams will return and will present a new concept called “Cracking the Golf Swing Code”, which has been widely spoken about already. Fredrik Tuxen from TrackMan will speak of the latest findings about what actually happens during the collision between club and ball, and Patrik Sjöberg and Maria Akraka communicates important information about topical, sensitive subjects related to coaches.

Delegates will also hear from Trend Analyst Göran Adlén, one of the “big” speakers in Sweden, which will give an insight into how professionals can prepare themselves for the future. There will also be information on the future of the golf consumer, and golf’s impact on the economy.

The Summit is open for any PGA member and many of the presentations are in English – for the PGA members attending the Summit they will also be invited to our annual dinner on the Saturday night.


For more informartion on the Teaching and Coaching Conference download the Conference information booklet (Swedish language) or email AS@pgasweden.com.