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PGA of Spain “Kinetic Chain and Performance”1 min read

Posted on: 4th Sep 2013

The seminar is organized by the PGA of Spain and Polytechnic University of Madrid has been created for professionals with a common interest in Golf Biomechanics.

To cope with this goal, each year the seminar will focus on a specific theme which will be defined previously taken into consideration the opinion of the future attendants.

The main objective is to present the more advanced knowledge about the biomechanics and technique of swing, and the course is open to all professionals of golf; including players, coaches, teachers, researches, sport science experts, physicians, physiotherapists and managers.

In order to improve the learning process, classes will be developed by mean of Theoretical and Practical Sessions in which the attendants will be split into 2 or 3 groups.

Speaking at the conference are:

  • Robert Neal PhD. (Golf Bio-Dynamics, CEO, Jim McLean Golf School, Miami Florida)
  • Andy Plummer PhD
  • Michael Dalgleish. Masters in Sports Physiotherapy
  • Enrique Martín. Real Federación Española de Golf
  • Enrique Navarro (PhD). Sports Biomechanics Lab. University Polytechnic of Madrid.
  • David Pastor. PGA Spain.

Registration is 400 euros or 290 euros for recognised PGA Members.