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Partner Feature – SNAG® Rolls Out Across Europe2 min read

Posted on: 3rd Jul 2012

SNAG® Golf is pleased to announce the launch of a New SNAG Europe coaching website with extensive online video content explaining product, coaching and methodology. 

Below is an Introductory video from SNAG® Europe Ambassador Scott Cranfield – simply click the screen or press pause to interact with this video and see more Videos available from SNAG® Golf Europe.

SNAG® Europe (Starting New At Golf) have been busy rolling out training of the leading first touch golf coaching system. SNAG® equipment provides the perfect introduction to golf, helping to build transferable skills and confidence before playing the full game.

The game has its own simplified terminology that adds fun to the learning and the playing experience. SNAG® includes full shots, pitching, chipping, and putting and is easy to learn, and it’s easy to teach. It’s a comprehensive system that has been developed through years of research and field experience.

SNAG® is being embraced by anyone wanting to learn, develop and teach golf from single PGA Professionals to complete federations SNAG has been adopted as the 1st touch product and teaching methodologies of choice.

Programming and training is being implemented across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East by SNAG® Europe where the response over the past few months has been fantastic. Training programmes have continued under European rollout in Hungary, Czech Republic and Greece to name but a few.

Guy Higton Director of SNAG® Europe reports: ‘2012 has been a fantastic year for SNAG®, the PGAs of Europe have supported us rolling out training programmes for individual PGA Professionals, Associations and Federations within Europe.

In June SNAG® Europe trained golf professionals for the Greek and Cypriot PGA’s at the Athens Golf Club, resulting in Aegean airlines now sponsoring a school curriculum programme and a further training development programme for the Professional’s within their country.’

‘In June again 26 PGA Pros including the Director of Education were trained over 2 days around the same accreditation process in Czech Republic funded by the Czech federation’

President of the Hungarian Golf Federation, András Sugár said, “We have had the intention to launch and develop a nationwide School Golf Program for a long time and a lot of effort is invested into this project. We are confident that with the help of the 30 SNAG® sets and in co-operation with the enthusiastic clubs many young children will have the opportunity to play golf and the most talented players may be our future hopes for the Olympic Games one day.”

The new SNAG® Europe coaching website www.i-KANgc.com/golf-coaching has online video content explaining product, coaching and methodology.  SNAG® Europe are actively rolling out training across Europe to PGA Professionals, they have also partnered Smartpro Coaching in the UK.

For further information on SNAG® product, training and programmes please contact  SNAG® Europe sales@i-KANGC.com +44 (0) 1482 333 123 www.snageurope.com