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2nd Jul 2018
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Olympic PGA Pros Q&A – Pete Cowen & Henrik Stenson2 min read

Posted on: 11th Aug 2016

The PGAs of Europe caught up with coach The Open Champion, Henrik Stenson’s, coach, Pete Cowen (PGA of GB&I), to find out more about how they work together and how Cowen feels about coaching so many champions…

“I’ve worked with Henrik now for 15 years and he’s had two very big ups and downs in his career so obviously he’s come back from those – he’s a pretty strong character.

“He wants to be perfect – he’s got three types of hitting the ball which is good, very good and perfect, and he can’t accept good and very good so you’re knocking two thirds out, whereas he could win on all three if he wants.  He’s a total one-off that you have to be very careful how you actually phrase it to him – he’s totally different to everyone else.

“With everybody what you’re trying to do is constant improvement of the same thing…and again discipline, practice so they know that when they’re stood on the first tee under the most extreme pressure it works – that’s what coaching is all about, giving them the tools so they can say well I don’t have to think about this they can just do it.

“Whereas a lot of people that are over-coached will actually start thinking about ‘how will I do this?’, but the great players will just do it and play with the game they have on that day.”


The PGAs of Europe Olympic PGA Professional Coach Hub is a first-of-its-kind Olympics page ( that aims to and celebrate coaching and shine a light on the PGA Professionals from around the world that are supporting, or have supported, the 120 male and female potential qualifiers for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Each Player-PGA Professional section contains details about their relationship, key links to find out more about both the potential Olympic qualifier and their associated PGA Professional, along with interviews and features with many of them.

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