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PGA of SwitzerlandAuthor: PGA of Switzerland

Posted on: 26th Apr 2017

The Swiss PGA held its General Assembly 2017 at the Golfpark Holzhäusern.

Bruno Griss [pictured left] was leading the assembly at his last year of his 6-year presidency. In his presidential speech he reviewed the achievements made during his two presidential terms and he acknowledged the contribution of all the board and committee members during that time.

The members elected Keith Marriott [pictured right, alongside General Secretary, Irene Oberländer – centre], Head Pro at Golf de Geneve as new SPGA President 2017-2019. All the existing board members have been elected for an additional 3-year term. To replace the vacancy in the baord, Gianlucca Patuzzo, GC Lugano was elected as new board member.

The assembly was visited by more than 130 members. They received greeting messages from our partner organizations ASG, ASGI and ASG GolfCard Migros. Luca Allidi, ASG board member, highlighted the importance of a close cooperation between all players in the Swiss golf market. Hans-Peter Schild, Head ASG Migros GolfCard, emphasized that Swiss PGA Pro are now allowed to take PR-exams in any of the Migros Golfparks (upon pre-registration and no teaching on the driving ranges). Yannik Odiet, ASGI representative and Swiss PGA member reiterated that more than 70% of their members have a handicap of higher than 27. That is a big business opportunity for golf teachers. To support the golf Pros, ASGI with the support of the Swiss PGA will now introduce a new Golf Pro Search engine on its website.

Many of the participants enjoyed the dinner after the General Assembly meeting old friends.

PGA of SwitzerlandAuthor: PGA of Switzerland

The Swiss PGA is the umbrella organization of the Golf Professionals in Switzerland. This professional association was founded in 1943 under the original name “Association Suisse des Professeurs de Golf” and now has more than 380 members.

The main tasks of the association include:

  1. The support and advice of the members,
  2. Training as a qualified golf instructor,
  3. Continuing education and training,
  4. Organize tournaments and championships for professionals.

In collaboration with the Swiss Golf Association (ASG), the Association Suisse des Golfeurs indépendants (ASGI) and Migros Golfparks, the Swiss PGA is actively promoting the promotion of golf and new talents.

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