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GolfBuddy Launches World’s First Talking GPS and Extends it’s Partnership4 min read

Posted on: 7th Feb 2012

golfbuddy logo7‘Partnership with PGAs of Europe is invaluable to us….’ John Ennis.

GolfBuddy has underlined its credentials as golf’s most innovative distance measuring device brand with the launch of the world’s first talking golf GPS – the stunning new GolfBuddy Voice.


GolfBuddy Voice heralds an exciting new generation of audio GPS rangefinders from the world’s leading developers of golf distance measuring solutions with its capacity to
speak accurate distances to three points on the green of more than 33,000 preloaded worldwide golf courses,

And, unveiling its exciting new product at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando

John Ennis, European General Manager for GolfBuddy pinpointed the excellent relationship with the PGAs of Europe as being invaluable in maintaining that position.

“We are delighted to renew our relationship as there is no doubt it has helped GolfBuddy to develop significant continental sales across all major countries and become the No 1 brand for GPS in Europe,” he said.

“The new Voice is the first in a line of new and updated products to be released in 2012 as part of GolfBuddy’s policy of the constant development of innovative and exciting new distance measuring solutions for golfers.”

As small as a golf ball yet light enough to be clipped comfortably on the peak of a hat or visor, GolfBuddy Voice is incredibly easy to use.

Spoken yardages to the centre, front and middle of the green are given simply by pressing the main button on the face of the product, while distances are also shown numerically on-screen, alongside the hole number and par.

As with all GolfBuddy’s outstanding golf GPS products, the Voice is 100% fee-free with no annual subscriptions or course download charges to pay after purchase.  John Ennis, added: “For hundreds of years golfers have relied on the human voice of caddies to dispense vital yardage information on the course.golfbuddy_voice_hero_2

“GolfBuddy has taken that time-honoured tradition and re-invented it for the technological age. The GolfBuddy Voice really is just like having a caddie with you and this groundbreaking golf GPS truly demonstrates how good things can come in small packages.”

Weighing just an ounce and measuring only 1.7″ wide, the multi-lingual GolfBuddy Voice benefits from all the technical development that has made GolfBuddy the clear global leader in the development of innovative measuring devices for golfers.

As well as dispensing accurate distances, the Voice also features the ability to change from yard to meter readings, has an 8hr re-chargeable lithium battery tells the time via a digital clock and uses GolfBuddy’s Auto Course & Hole Recognition technology – which means it always knows exactly what hole you’re playing.

In addition, the Rotating Green view always ensures distances given are directly from your angle of approach and players can also track how far they hit the ball with the Measure Distance function.

Increasing numbers of golfers and pro-shop Professionals are making GolfBuddy their GPS rangefinder of choice as it is the fastest, most powerful and easiest-to-use GPS handset in the world.

Supplied pre-loaded with courses – and capable of storing up to 40,000 courses free of charge – all GolfBuddy GPS products can be used straight from the box. All golfers have to do is turn it on and the unit automatically recognises which course and hole they are playing.

GolfBuddy provides all course maps free of charge, with no download fees or annual subscription charges and walks courses on foot for added accuracy.

GolfBuddy Voice has a 40,000 course memory, is preloaded with thousands of worldwide courses and connects to a PC via a micro USB port for synching when new courses are added to GolfBuddy’s global database (the largest of any handheld golf GPS company) or when walked course maps are updated.

Added Ennis: “GolfBuddy established itself as a major developer in DMD technology for golfers with handheld GPS rangefinders like the Tour, World and World Platinum models.

“We are now unique as a company in taking that technology, walking courses on foot to create accurate maps, and finding new ways to provide golfers with the essential data they need to play better golf.

“The world-first audio function of the Voice together with its small size and light weight will make golf GPS available to thousands of new players.”

GolfBuddy is based in La Palma, California, with product development and course data management centres in Korea, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality electronic products.

For more information:  www.gpsgolfbuddy.eu; or John Ennis, j.ennis@gpsgolfbuddy.eu  Tel:  +353 45894 355