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Golf Europe 2012 “Learning Zone” – David Colclough, Head of Member Education for the PGA of GB&I, Discusses What it is that makes an Expert Coach3 min read

Posted on: 30th Oct 2012

The return of Golf Europe this year to Messe Augsburg in Germany, also included the addition of the PGAs of Europe and PGA of Germany coaching and teaching “Learning Zone”, in which industry experts were invited to speak about their own particular niches of the industry.

PGA of GB&I Head of Member Education, David Colclough, was one of these invitees and spoke about coaching expertise in the following sessions [click the Seminars to download the Presentation notes]:

  • 3 Personal Characteristics that Help to Develop Coaching Expertise
  • 3 Ways to Learn that Help to Develop Coaching Expertise
  • Helping to Identify Coaching Expertise: A Three Stage Model

An important point within Colclough’s three seminars was that success with players should really be an end result as opposed to a defining factor for expert coaches – “The fuel that you need as an individual to get to that level really starts with having a desire to be better than you are” Colclough said, “To question yourself, to have an awareness of yourself, so that you continue to look at the successes and failures [that] you have and try to get the success greater and failures less often.”

The seminars were all about Top-threes including speakers’ top-3 tips: “Make sure you’re aware of yourself, keep monitoring what you do and see if you can do it better; challenge yourself, in terms of doing things better – do things that might feel uncomfortable but in the long-term might be beneficial; and be and do things that you’re passionate about.”

Watch the full video interview with David Colclough below:

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David Colclough is a PGA Advanced Fellow professional, who qualified in 1989. Following 14 years of coaching golfers of all abilities, at home and abroad, David began work for the PGA as a Training Executive for Coach Education in 2003. Currently his role has evolved into Head of member Education.

His passion is golf coaching and it has taken him to all corners of the world in the search for information that can help him coach more effectively as well as provide him with knowledge to pass on to PGA professionals engaged in the same search.

David has an ‘MPhil in Sports Coaching’ from the University of Birmingham. Findings from this research into Expert Coaches have been presented at forums with National Coaches from England, Scotland and Wales in 2009. He also presented his work to the Swiss PGA in 2010.

For more information on the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland visit www.pga.info, or follow @PGAMemberEd on Twitter.