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First issue of Cutting Edge Golf Released1 min read

Posted on: 21st Nov 2014

The very first issue of Cutting Edge Golf magazine is now out, and we want to make sure you have received your copy.

In our early digital issues of this e-newsletter we were delighted with the interest being shown in our concept by both fashion brands and fashion retailers alike – the concept being the creation of a one-stop shop for golf industry fashion, apparel and lifestyle news and, crucially, information; everything from expert advice to catching up with the coolest new looks worn by the coolest players.

Cutting Edge Golf is creating a platform for all golf retailers in paper form and online, purely on the subject of golf apparel, shoes and accessories, with a generous splash of lifestyle thrown in.

This is more about what’s on the player’s back, not really what is in the bag. Ideas come from everywhere and we are excited about sharing our ideas with readers, and learning from you in return.

Early feedback concerning the launch of this magazine has been highly positive. It seems that people working in our sector of the golf industry recognise the need for a specialist magazine on golf fashion. This is such a key part of the golf market but which has been, until now, under-represented in the media.

Ultimately, we see this magazine as a great opportunity for some of the intelligent thinkers and star performers of the golf fashion sector to share best practice, share great ideas and common concerns and together help each other to exploit more and better business opportunities.

So join in today, say hello to Cutting Edge and certainly, if we didn’t reach you with Issue 1 of our paper magazine, let us know (info@cuttingedgegolf.com or bevans@cuttingedgegolf.com) and we’ll send you a copy.