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First ‘A.S.K. Workshops’ Event Set to Launch in Hungary2 min read

Posted on: 5th Jun 2016

The PGAs of Europe’s new educational event format will launch in July in which PGA Professionals will be given an opportunity to come together in an ideas-led forum with short, easy-to-consume and thought-provoking presentations.

The first ‘A.S.K. Workshops’ event, titled ‘Developing the Players of Tomorrow’, will see each of the 12 speakers present for exactly 20 minutes to share a story, present an idea, and pass on their thoughts about junior coaching and development in golf.

‘A.S.K.’, standing for ‘Attributes.Skills.Knowledge.’, is the PGAs of Europe’s initiative to help share useful, relevant and interesting content to its Member Country PGAs and their individual PGA Professionals members through various written, video, live and audio media.

The ‘A.S.K. Workshops’ are the first live element within the initiative and will give PGA Professionals a platform to share their experiences, ideas and thoughts on junior golf in front of an audience who will be able to listen to, and interact with, the speakers.

PGAs of Europe Director of Education and Membership, Tony Bennett, said, “If you want to make some changes in your life, then you have got to make some changes in your life! The opportunity to listen to, learn from, and question people who have a proven record of success in their respective fields is one sure way to be able to develop new skills and gain new knowledge, which can then be used to make the changes that you want.

“The A.S.K. Workshops approach ensures that from the great menu of speakers on offer that all participants will pick up valuable and practical ideas”.

Each of the sessions will also be recorded and excerpts used to create digital video content. The quality and quantity of A.S.K. content available is growing, as the Association aims to make it easier to consume shorter, sharper pieces of content in line with the trends seen across the globe in digital media and online education.

The event will take place on 26th July this year in Hungary at the Abacus Hotel just outside of the country’s capital city, Budapest, and will bring together PGA Professionals such as Paul Eales, Sarah Claridge, Steven Orr, and Ian Peek, as speakers.

The event is open to any PGA Professionals to join for the day of education – registration is €99 and includes access to the full day of presentations, question and answer sessions, networking opportunities with the speakers and other audience members, along with coffee breaks and buffet lunch during the day.

For more information and to register visit

For more information about the 2016 A.S.K. Workshops visit, follow @PGAsofEurope on Twitter and search #ASKWorkshops, or like the PGAs of Europe Facebook Page.