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5-Star Filippo – Barbé Receives European Professional Honour3 min read

Posted on: 14th Dec 2014

Scuola Nazionale Di Golf Director of Education and PGA of Italy Board Member, Filippo Barbé, has received the PGAs of Europe 5-Star Professional Award at the 2014 Annual Gala Awards Dinner supported by Rolex and hosted by Gloria Hotels & Resorts, Turkey.

Barbé, a member of the Association’s Education Committee (EC), received the award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Profession and highest level of standards across the many and varied areas of expertise and activity that make up being a PGA Professional.

“It is really a great joy to receive the PGAs of Europe 5-Star Professional Award,” explained Barbé.  “It is a recognition not only for myself but also for the people working with me at the Italian National Academy for Professional Education (Scuola Nazionale Di Golf) in Rome and for my friends in the EC – I would never been able to get the Award without their assistance and teamwork.”

The award reflects his ongoing input into the Italian golf system along with the European-wide Professional education programmes, whilst also recognising his early career highlights as a playing professional in national and Challenge Tour events.

Barbé also presented at the 2014 Annual Congress, an event in which representatives from the Association’s 36 member countries come together to share knowledge and experiences with each other:

“I loved this Annual Congress as one of the best ever, everything was so good,” Barbé added.  “The location, organisation and quality of the speakers was excellent and it was a pleasure to be involved in the Gala Dinner Awards presentation.”

Born in Novara, Italy, Barbé initially played golf as an amateur reaching a handicap of three, but then took time out to gain a degree from the University of Milan in Law and begin practicing with his father.  But a passion for playing golf was clear as he turned professional at the end of 1991 whilst based at G.C. Biella Le Betulle.

Until 1996 he played in national Professional events as well as in Challenge Tour events, after which he joined the Italian National Academy for Professional Education in Rome as Assistant to Past PGAs of Europe Honorary President, Donato Di Ponziano.

From there he became a member of the PGAs of Europe’s Training Standards Committee, latterly known as the Education Committee, which involved the setting and assessment of standards for professional education programmes in countries across the continent whilst also being involved in golf development work in places further afield such as India.

In 2013 he was elected as a Board Member for the PGA of Italy and also took over as Director of Education at the Italian National Academy for the Education of Golf Professionals.

Find out more about all of 2014’s Award Winners here: http://eur.pe/2014AnnualCongress.


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The 2014 Annual Congress Gala Awards are supported by Rolex and the Ryder Cup European Development Trust and hosted by Gloria Hotels & Resorts – for more information on the event partners visit http://eur.pe/2014AnnualCongress.