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Aids that Track Putting Perfection are Approved2 min read

Posted on: 12th Jun 2012

puttingPutter Line Tracer (PLT) and Putter Line Gate (PLG), two ingenious but simple and thoroughly modern aids to putting improvement for all categories of golfer have been accepted, individually, in the category of ‘Approved Products of the PGAs of Europe.’

Produced and marketed by ro&chi golf  of Italy, the productsputting 2 are designed to provide the necessary information, (in a self-help situation or via a coach or academy), on what is actually happening during a player’s putting stroke (PLT) and/or to assist in the process of assessing slopes on the green (PLG).

The collective information provided regarding the line and tempo of the putter face, and the severity or otherwise of undulations, enables the player to make adjustments to his or her technique accordingly, in the never-ending quest towards putting perfection.

Invented by Roberto Chiono they are described by ro&chi golf  as ‘firsts’ in their field… PLT to ‘track and make visible the line created by the back and down-swing of the putter’ and PLG to ‘assess and correct both the ball’s parting trajectory from the putter face, and also the player’s ability to ‘read a slope’ on the green.

Beginning as original concepts they were then developed in collaboration with golf professional Matteo Delpodio, of the Italian National Team.”

  • The PTL apparatus makes it possible to identify the line of a player’s stroke, direction and speed along with any undulating defects, by means of a magnetic sensitive (MS) strip, which interacts with the small magnet attached underneath the head of the putter.
  • The PLG’s strong point lies in how it combines a high level of versatility by utilising the magnetic properties of  specially chosen materials to be used  either on the green or on the carpet at home.

putting 3“The PGAs of Europe Education Committee were very happy to approve both the PLT & PLG as they provide extremely useful tools and data to assist PGA Professionals with their putting tuition and improve putting strokes,” said Ian Randell, PGAs of Europe chief executive.

Inventor Roberto Chiono commented: “Approval and exposure by the PGAs of Europe, with all its member countries and their individual PGA professionals will provide a target audience for the putting aids and will confirm my belief that they will give players a deeper and more precise understanding of the art of putting.”

For more information please visit the website: www.roechigolf.it