National Coach

Employer: Singapore Golf Association

Location: Singapore

Closing date: 14/11/2018

International Sales Manager

Employer: Golf Genius

Location: UK / International

Closing date: 30/11/2018

Head Professional

Employer: P A G E S

Location: Athens, Greece

Closing date: 01/12/2018

Elite Coach

Employer: GKG Golf Club

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Closing date: 09/11/2018

Training Executive (Golf Coaching)

Employer: PGA of Great Britain & Ireland

Location: PGA National Training Academy, The Belfry, UK

Closing date: 26/10/2018

Trainee / Assistant Golf Professional

Employer: Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

Location: Algarve, Portugal

Closing date: 10/11/2018

PGA Qualified Teaching Professional

Employer: Golf & Country Club Zurich

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Closing date: 31/12/2018

Golf Head Coach, Chinese Private School

Employer: Bright Future International Sport

Location: China

Closing date: 01/01/2019