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September 26 - September 29. 2019

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The Initial Professional Education Programme is undertaken by individuals entering the golfing profession. During IPE delivery, the trainee is exposed to various aspects of the profession whilst being immersed in a golfing environment.

The programme blends together various methods of teaching including on-the-job training; tutorials, distance-learning and many of the elements found in a traditional apprenticeship programme.

The PGAs of Europe have developed the first stage of the IPE course (IPE-1), which typically lasts between four to six months. This stage provides background context, helps trainees return to the learning environment, establish good practice for learning and develop foundational skills and knowledge that will underpin further education/training.

Using knowledge and content from the PGAs of Holland, Germany, Sweden and GB&I, the PGAs of Europe designed this programme to provide students with an opportunity to prepare themselves for a higher level of training in the future. Since then, it has undergone rigorous updates to remain relevant to a modern golf industry.

Whilst IPE-1 does provide the initial steps towards a PGA career, it is only the beginning of a longer PGA educational journey, not the end. IPE-1 modules cover elements of the golf industry but at its core is an emphasis on developing the grassroots game (teaching juniors/ beginners, broadening golf’s appeal and introducing golf to new players)

The PGAs of Europe IPE-1 programme is specifically designed for implementation by Member Countries which currently do not have a recognised professional education programme, or for emerging Member Countries in their infancy of development. Therefore, it is not applicable to a PGA with an already established Education Programme currently recognised by the PGAs of Europe.

Haarlemmereersche Golf Club

*A Member Country PGA that wishes to enter fourteen or more candidates may have the programme delivered locally in their own country.*


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2142 ED Cruquius


Candidates  who have agreed an IPE-cooperation with The PGAs of Europe will be accepted by a country’s PGA, and must then fulfil the relevant criteria below.


Age Limit

Individuals must have reached 18 years of age, prior to application for membership

Education LevelAn individual must have received a leaving certificate awarded to students who complete the full cycle of compulsory secondary education or their respective country’s equivalent.
Playing Ability(IPE Level 1 entry). Individuals should be able to demonstrate effectively a range of pre-determined shots. Individuals should be able to provide evidence of a playing ability that meets or exceeds the national PGAs entry criteria. Usually, an official handicap of 9.0 is the maximum consideration for entry.

In order to progress onto the IPE-2 programme, candidates must also demonstrate playing competency, with the playing potential to pass a Playing Ability Test (PAT).

The IPE-1 programme is delivered and assessed by PGAs of Europe approved tutors. Hard skills are delivered through various readings, manuals and online learning resources, whilst soft skills are delivered through tutor contact periods. These are both followed by assessments at the end of the course. The course is divided into two delivery stages followed by an assessment period:


  • Pre-course materials
  • Four days of Tutor contact time
  • Distance learning- Practical work- Portfolio construction. All supported by individual work and virtual group meetings.


  • Pre course materials
  • Four days of Tutor contact time
  • Distance learning- Practical work- Portfolio construction. All supported by individual work and virtual group meetings.


  • Individual and group practicals/ assessment papers
  • Written examinations
  • Presentations/portfolios

To successfully graduate from IPE-1, a trainee professional is expected to demonstrate competencies in the following areas:

  • Prepare resources and facilities for golf coaching sessions
  • Conduct a thorough and appropriate analysis of the player before coaching
  • Analyse the technical skill/ ability of the golfer and help them to apply learning onto the golf course
  • Analyse the playing ability and on-course skills of a player
  • Concludegolf coaching sessions
  • Recordand analyse a player’s performance to direct future coaching sessions
  • Plan and Prepare administrative information for a golf tournament/ event
  • Implementa golf tournament/ event
  • Record and Process the results of a golf tournament/ event
  • Interpret and apply the rules of golf for any given situation
  • Complete effective health and safety risk assessments
  • Identify personal development activities that will continue professional development
  • Reflect on how to progress and develop professional development

Please note, some countries require a longer and more demanding level of Initial Professional Education beforeundertaking further education, which can take up to three years. Please consult with your national PGA to find out more.

Upon successful completion of IPE-1, an individual will be awarded the title of “PGA of (country) Apprentice Professional” (the three letters PGA being attached to that specific country), and will then have the opportunity to apply for a Member Country’s recognised education programme.

  • An IPE graduate working in their home country is free to operate under the title and membership category established by that PGA and agreed with the PGAs of Europe.
  • Should the graduate move to work in another country, they must be clear about that country’s level of qualification as per the agreed title (above), and use it in full.
  • The National PGA where the graduate obtains their IPE qualification is responsible for monitoring this and disciplining if required. Abuse of the IPE qualification may result in the licence being removed from the Member Country.

IPE cooperation agreement:

A Member Country PGA is required to have an agreement with one or more Member Countries of the PGAs of Europe which operate a recognised education programme, to accept their Level 1 IPE graduates into training. The PGAs of Europe will help to coordinate this agreement.


Subscription can only be done by your national PGA.


For 2019 there will be a per candidate fee of €1,600 applied.


Haarlemmereersche Golf Club
Spieringweg 745
2142 ED Cruquius

*A Member Country PGA that wishes to enter fourteen or more candidates may have the programme delivered locally in their own country.*



 26-29th of September 2019
5-8th of March 2020

Jim van Heuven van Staereling (Director of IPE The PGAs of Europe)

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