Thomas International Join Growing PGAs of Europe Supplier Group

6th Dec 2018

Global Consensus for Golf in the Race to Tackle Physical Inactivity

17th Oct 2018

Sean Foley – Coaching Philosophy, Justin Rose, and the Sacrifices Coaches Make for Tour Life…

5th Sep 2018

Jamie Gough (PGA of South Africa) – 2018 Open Championship

21st Jul 2018

Learning – And How to Do it Better

21st Mar 2018

The Power of Positive Thinking

18th Jan 2018

Growth Mindset Culture

25th Oct 2017

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp

27th Sep 2017

The Player – Psychologist Relationship: Working With Practitioners at the Highest Level

22nd Jun 2017

Moments of Mastery – How Coaches Can Build Belief

1st Jun 2017

Changing Limiting Beliefs: Do You Focus On Your Character Or Your Reputation?

30th May 2017

What’s in your Coaching Toolbox? Increasing Your Knowledge, Client Base & Income

17th May 2017

Coaching Confidence: 3 Ways to Help Players Pre-Tournament

16th May 2017

The Difference Between Winning & Losing with Jon Stabler & Dr. Deborah Graham

27th Apr 2017

Lessons That Matter – Junior Coaching & its Meaningful Impact on Young People

12th Apr 2017

6 Powerful Hacks to Increase Mental Toughness (No. 3 Is My Favourite)

2nd Mar 2017

GREAT LEARNING HABITS – ‘Teachers open doors, but you must enter by yourself’

3rd Nov 2016

‘What’s in Your Coaching Toolbox?’ – CPD Course

25th Oct 2016

Effective Listening Skills & The PGA Professional (Part 1)

16th Sep 2016

Recommended Books on LEARNING From Past Contributors

9th Sep 2016
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