Train Ugly

Train Ugly is the marriage of two concrete foundations of learning: motor learning and growth mindset. We’re going to dive into the science and share these incredibly important principles with you. From there we’ll work together to put these principles into action.

There is a major gap between what the science says about learning and development and the way that most of us approach coaching – it’s our mission to change that.

Growth Mindset

Research pioneered by Stanford Professor, Carol Dweck showing that our mindset and approach to learning have the biggest impact on our development and future success.

Motor Learning

The study of how people learn and develop skill through practice. The science reveals a number of flaws in the “traditional” approach to skill development.

Train Ugly

Applying these principles to practice will create a little chaos, confusion, and ugliness. But they will also help to develop better, more well rounded players who are prepared to perform when it matters most, in a game.

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