Stéphane Bachoz

Stéphane has dedicated his life to participating at growing the Game of Golf. Using his European Tour Coaching experience he built a complete educational solution around the Triangulaid Concept, which was created by Bill Owens in 1991.

Stéphane is very specialised to “liberate” the Natural Swing of every beginner and those who are “stuck” in their progression, in a very short time.

He was a Consultant for Premium Golf Magazine in France and the UK and he was a Consultant for the LPGA tour on MaChaineSport TV Channel, from 2010 to 2012.

Stephane worked with Bill Owens since 1995 helping him to develop the “Golf Educatif” Project. Thanks to him, he was able to access the High-Level Coaching on the European Tour.

Since 2011, he has been coach to English European Tour player, Philip Golding.  Four Victories in four years since and actually number fiveon the European Senior Tour. He also coaches Cassandra Kirkland and Carolina Martens on the LET and more recently, Marc Farry.

In 2013, with Nicholas Middleton, he created FlowMotion Golf and offers a complete solution to Professionals Teachers to improve their students quickly and efficiently.

  • Zen Putting Mechanic Master Coach
    Action-Types labelled standard Golf 1
    Titleist Performance Institute Certified
    Member and Trainer for the PGA France