GolfBuddy is the world’s leading specialist golf Distance Measuring Device (DMD) brand, offering a full range of handheld GPS, watch GPS, audio GPS and laser rangefinders. This multiple award-winning company is at the forefront of distance measuring for golfers and was the first to introduce a Voice product in Europe.

And in 2014, it was the first golf GPS company to launch a handheld model with a large 4-inch smartphone-style screen with the PT4. It’s superfast screen is over 33% bigger than its competitors.

This year, GolfBuddy has also launched the new WT4 lifestyle watch and offers the WT3 sports GPS watch and new VS4 enhanced voice unit.

GolfBuddy creates super-accurate course maps through a commitment to on-foot mapping. Around the globe, teams of professional mappers walk courses to collect ground-verified data and this makes its accuracy unrivalled. GolfBuddy has the largest library of golf course maps of any GPS brand, with over 37,000 courses in more than 135 countries.

All are available to the golfer completely free of charge – without the expensive annual subscriptions or download charges levied by other brands – and the library updates every week.

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