European Tour Performance Institute

ETPI was developed by the European Tour’s medical & performance services team to allow golfers of all abilities to make use of the knowledge that has been amassed by the Tour’s performance and medical practicioners over the past 20 years using data from the best players in the world.

“We work at a very select end of the world of golf where we’re fortunate to be working with at the leading edge of everything that’s going on, but there’s a broad base of people that underpin that and we believe that everyone can benefit from these concepts,” explains ETPI Physio unit Director Rob Hillman.

“Globally as an organisation we really want to grow the game and we want to do what we can to support that. For example, bringing our skills and experience to bear at events like this and giving the day-to-day teaching Pros some insight into what we do is great, and we hope give them some useful tools to take away which I think is a very important part of our role.”

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