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Taking Your First Steps Towards Career Planning1 min read

Coaching4CareersAuthor: Coaching4Careers

Posted on: 6th May 2016

Career planning helps realise your ambitions — what you would like to do in your working life. A plan helps you focus on what you should do when thinking about a new career. It also helps if you would like to progress in the career you are in.

Planning needs time and careful consideration. You need to think about:

  • What you can do already?
  • What you would like to do next?
  • What else you need to learn?

What is a Career Plan?

A series of steps that can help you towards your goal. If your goal is to get a new job, or improve the job you are in, the Plan can help you focus on your personal and professional goals and structure your thought process and identify how to get there.

Who creates the Career Plans?

You can draw up your own Career Plan or you can ask one of our coaches to help you make one.

Why are Career Plans useful?

They help you to work towards your target and stay on track. Sometimes working towards a far-off target can seem impossible. Plans can break things down into manageable pieces.

How do I create a Career Plan?

Firstly, describe your current situation and identify your skills and work goals. Secondly, set a long-term goal and maybe some short-term goals too. Lastly, work out the steps that will get you there.

Coaching4CareersAuthor: Coaching4Careers

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