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Life After Fitting – Using DMDs to Extend Your After-Sales Services5 min read

GolfBuddyAuthor: GolfBuddy

Posted on: 23rd Apr 2016

Custom fitting has been long recognised as a hugely beneficial process for golfers of all abilities. But the opportunity to extend and improve your customer aftercare with the help of Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) is often missed by many Professionals…

Year on year the accuracy, options and information on club fitting improve. Manufacturers are better able to sell their products to players with increasingly improved customisation options, and PGA Professionals have increasingly accurate tools and measurement devices to assist with the fitting process.

But there is an opportunity for custom-fitters and coaches to further extend their customer care and service by using DMDs after the fitting process has taken place.

Here are some simple tips from PGAs of Europe Corporate Partner, GolfBuddy – the leading golf GPS and laser rangefinder company – that could help you capitalise on DMDs even more:

1. Use a DMD during fitting sessions

While launch monitors and simulators are excellent tools to analyse swing data during the fitting process, integrating a DMD in the process gives a player complete confidence in measuring how far they hit every one of their new clubs. Outside on the course or a range, having a DMD to hand will help you to show that the process of fitting has improved distance or consistency.

For example, GolfBuddy’s LR4 laser is especially useful for ‘zapping’ the middle of a cluster of shots to give your player an average reading of how far they hit a club. This can also give them a chance to handle a DMD product themselves without feeling like they are being sold one. They can very quickly learn how to use a device and you as the fitter can educate them on their benefits at the same time.


2. Get them to come back after a fitting

In an ideal world a fitting service is not just one session – it should be two. Once the customer has taken delivery of their new clubs and had perhaps a couple of games/practice sessions to get used to them, get them back in for a short but useful session gathering data on the new clubs.

By using a DMD, you will give them a chance to capture real distance data with their new equipment. By helping them to understand how far they hit every club in the bag – even half or quarter swing wedge shots – you will begin the process of improving your customers’ course management skills. Perhaps, most importantly, it will show that you care about how they will get on with their equipment by providing a true aftercare service.

You could also encourage the behaviour of coming back on regular basis to keep their distances up to date – this is a great way to generate additional revenue from a fitting studio setup when it might not be in use.

GolfBuddy’s GPS devices like the PT4 handheld, all feature ‘Mark’ (a Shot Distance Measurement Function) so they can pace out the distances they hit shots to ensure they keep a regular manual check on their distances. Meanwhile, the LR4 laser gives a straight distance measurement to any object from 1-1,000 yards away.

3. Give them the option to try DMDs out on the course

Once you have explained the importance of knowing distances – and therefore the usefulness of DMDs during and after their fitting – then why not give players the tools to go and prove it to themselves.

Lend them a demo unit, (laser, GPS, or both!) for one of their rounds. Task them with using the data they have gathered in conjunction with the DMD and let them establish if it is of use. In pretty much all cases there is going to be a definite positive impact on their game.

Off the tee, they’ll instantly begin to understand which clubs in their bags avoid which hazards, because they’ve started the process of accurately recording their own distance data. When they return it, make sure you find out how and where it was useful and if it benefited their scores. And be sure to have an offer on a unit ready to go for them so you can convert them to a sale if they are keen.


4. Keep a DMD with you at all times during lessons – especially on the course

If you always make use of DMDs when coaching, then your players will get used to them being a key part of your strategy.

Build DMDs into your on-course strategy and management lesson process. If you use them throughout the sessions your clients will understand how and where they can be used and also how useful they can be in a variety of situations.

Having a tool kit made up of a course guide, DMD device of some kind and the prior knowledge of a player’s distance for each of the clubs can be very powerful.


5. Package DMDs Into Your Existing Services

Whether you are selling a series of six lessons, a custom fitting, a data capture or course management session, then make sure you have an option where you can add a DMD sale into the deal.

For example, you might sell a series of two or three course management sessions as a package. Why not add a DMD to the process, promoting not just the initial benefit of having the sessions but also the long-term benefit of being able to make use of knowledge gained via the DMD whenever they play.

Equally you could package a course management, or data capture session, with a DMD sale. The DMD delivers data that is essential for coaching course management and the lessons could also be an introduction on how to use DMDs and why they are beneficial. Maybe even offer it for a discounted price when a lesson is booked, to help your customers learn how to use the device and where it can help them.


DMDs are incredible tools for golfers so as a PGA Professional looking to promote custom fitting and sell lessons and devices themselves then they are a natural pairing that can be leveraged for the benefit of both PGA Pro and the golfer.

How have you paired up DMDs with your custom fitting and coaching activities? Email aw@pgae.com with your tips and ideas and we may feature them in future issues.

This article originally featured in International Golf Pro News. Visit the IGPN Page to find out more and subscribe for free.

GolfBuddyAuthor: GolfBuddy

GolfBuddy is the world’s leading specialist golf Distance Measuring Device (DMD) brand, offering a full range of handheld GPS, watch GPS, audio GPS and laser rangefinders. This multiple award-winning company is at the forefront of distance measuring for golfers and was the first to introduce a Voice product in Europe.

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