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Ignition To Learn2 min read

Train UglyAuthor: Train Ugly

Posted on: 25th Jan 2016

A Ferrari without fuel isn’t too much fun – Just like the best lessons, drills, and workshops are totally useless unless the students are ignited to learn.

Let’s talk about a great source of ignition and how (sadly) we’re really great at squashing it.

Take 2 min, check this out, then we need to have a quick talk.

Sweet, huh?

What I want to focus on is young Rory’s reaction and mindset when he saw Tiger taking the PGA tour by storm.

When Rory was watching Tiger he adopted the powerful belief that: “If he can do it, so can I.” This attitude is one of the most effective sources of ignition in a young student or athlete and a great display of a growth mindset. He saw someone great, was in awe, realized that the greatness came from years of work and dedication, and believed if he too worked that hard he could get better. IGNITION.


Unfortunately the more common reaction to this is to look at the situation with a fixed mindset.


As parents, coaches, and teachers we can help the situation. Watch performances, concerts, and games with your kids. Point out a great musician, athlete or singer, and explain how that person became great.

Greatness comes from years and years of hard work, mistakes and stumbles, and tons of grit and effort.

As one of my favorite musicians, Macklemore said:

“The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint – The greats were great cause they paint a lot.”

For more on ignition and it’s role in the learning process check out The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

For more on mindset research click here.

For more on learning and how it really works click here.

Train UglyAuthor: Train Ugly

Train Ugly is the marriage of two concrete foundations of learning: motor learning and growth mindset. We’re going to dive into the science and share these incredibly important principles with you. From there we’ll work together to put these principles into action.

There is a major gap between what the science says about learning and development and the way that most of us approach coaching – it’s our mission to change that.