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The Importance of Play: Stéphane Bachoz – A.S.K. Workshops2 min read

Stéphane BachozAuthor: Stéphane Bachoz

Posted on: 22nd Jul 2016

At a time where problems are well identified, Education, Economy, Social, Environnement etc… I have been doing my best since 1995 to help create a better Future and give alternative solutions for our coming new generations.

To create happy and well-educated Citizen Golfers is my dedication.

I was very lucky to meet Bill Owens in 1993 and decided to work with him since 1995.

Bill is Golf Professional Member of PGA of Great Britain & Ireland since 1976 who moved to France in 1991. Shortly afterwards he created a very unique approach based on sensations, balance and co-ordination that allows everyone to find their inner natural swing and therefore enables them to play golf very quickly.

A lot has happened since 1997 when we first created the “Association pour le Golf Educatif”.

Since then, Golf has become THE Educational and Environment Tool for tomorrow !

In fact, it’s one of the best ways to teach moral and civic education (like all sports you might say!) although it is not only a sport but also a GAME, filled with values and virtues. This is what makes it accessible to everyone and not just to sportsmen. As a matter of fact, golf is probably “the” game for all sportsmen !

I believe it therefore essential to put the GAME back into our daily lives.

PLAYING helps to reconsolidate the rules, to stop fighting, and to recreate a social bond between different kinds of people.

Redefining the fundamental principles (for oneself and for the game) thanks to a personal instruction guide will inevitably boost behaviour as a group.

The project is called “Educational Golf” but it’s no longer a project!  As part of their school syllabus, hundreds of kids from 18 different French towns, now PLAY at auto-educating themselves each week and are proud of their actions, replanting trees on waste and uncultivated land. Some have even found employment in this new environment.

I’m sure that you’ll look at our game differently afterwards, which I hope you’ll go on to share the idea with as many people as possible.

Ready to PLAY ?

How about Golf…? (Why not Golf…?)


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Stéphane BachozAuthor: Stéphane Bachoz

Stéphane has dedicated his life to participating at growing the Game of Golf. Using his European Tour Coaching experience he built a complete educational solution around the Triangulaid Concept, which was created by Bill Owens in 1991.

Stéphane is very specialised to “liberate” the Natural Swing of every beginner and those who are “stuck” in their progression, in a very short time.