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Coaches Circle: A Girl’s Journey In and Out of High Performance Sport2 min read

David KearneyAuthor: David Kearney

Posted on: 21st Aug 2015

High Performance Manager for the Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU), David Kearney, will be presenting at the 2015 Coaches Circle from 27-28 July at Pravets Golf & Spa Resort.  Here, David explains more about his presentation as well as additional pre-event reading.

A young girl starts her journey into sport and finds she enjoys it greatly.

Community, friendships, challenges are all part of her life now and she really loves it. She gets good, improves, and moves her way along the pathway to land at High Performance level.

But is there a cost, a price to pay?

In our presentation we look at the possible roadblocks and perhaps how they can be avoided or at least smoothly navigated:

  • Girls are not small boys. Attention and awareness on the difference is a must.
  • The role of the parent…Enabler or Disabler – How can we help the parents of our athletes to understand what strategies may   be helpful and also those that may be destructive?
  • Push/Pull: The dynamics of crafted encouragement.
  • Onboarding and off boarding of players in a responsible manner. If the players know what is expected, then it is clear and De-selection becomes less contentious.
  • Why mindfulness is so important in young people in today’s environment.
  • Developing a like-minded coaching team, with the culture of the team in mind.
  • Duty of care – Do we fully understand what this is?
  • School work and its balance, why is this really important particularly in Europe. What is the culture of education in your set-up?
  • Feedback… The need for it and a proper approach.
  • Planning and de-briefing. A model for your mission.

Pre-Event Reading


For more information on the 2015 Coaches Circle Visit the Event Hub Page: http://eur.pe/2015CoachesCircle

David KearneyAuthor: David Kearney

David Kearney is a member of the Professional Golfers Association and has enjoyed a distinguished career as a teaching professional and mentor to many professional and amateur golfers.

David began his playing career at Claremorris Golf club in Co.Mayo, in the west of Ireland and would soon move to The Royal County Down golf club where he began his apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Kevan Whitson. His passion for coaching was further fuelled by watching Kevan teach and handle pupils of varying levels.