The Power of Positive Thinking

18th Jan 2018

Growth Mindset Culture

25th Oct 2017

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp

27th Sep 2017

The Player – Psychologist Relationship: Working With Practitioners at the Highest Level

22nd Jun 2017

Moments of Mastery – How Coaches Can Build Belief

1st Jun 2017

Changing Limiting Beliefs: Do You Focus On Your Character Or Your Reputation?

30th May 2017

What’s in your Coaching Toolbox? Increasing Your Knowledge, Client Base & Income

17th May 2017

Coaching Confidence: 3 Ways to Help Players Pre-Tournament

16th May 2017

The Difference Between Winning & Losing with Jon Stabler & Dr. Deborah Graham

27th Apr 2017

Lessons That Matter – Junior Coaching & its Meaningful Impact on Young People

12th Apr 2017

6 Powerful Hacks to Increase Mental Toughness (No. 3 Is My Favourite)

2nd Mar 2017

GREAT LEARNING HABITS – ‘Teachers open doors, but you must enter by yourself’

3rd Nov 2016

‘What’s in Your Coaching Toolbox?’ – CPD Course

25th Oct 2016

Effective Listening Skills & The PGA Professional (Part 1)

16th Sep 2016

Recommended Books on LEARNING From Past Contributors

9th Sep 2016

The Unknown Truth About Learning Golf and Motivation With Dr. Gabriele Wulf & Dr. Rebecca Lewthwaite

6th Sep 2016

10 Ways to Aid the Transition from Amateur to Professional Player

7th Jul 2016

“Barriers and Coping Resources: The Science Behind Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level” – Ian Peek – A.S.K. Workshops

28th Jun 2016

Breathe Your Way to Success – Golf Performance, Anxiety & Breathing

10th Jun 2016

Learning – And How to Do it Better

6th May 2016
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