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Research suggests mobiles and millennials are changing the way we travel

For many hotel and attraction owners, capitalizing on summer activities is essential for remaining in the black for the rest of the year. The internet and mobile technology have dramatically changed the way people search for and make travel arrangements. This article will discuss recent research that gives business owners clues to reaching traveling customers in the digital age.

According to research from, millennials comprise 32 percent of US travelers, and are the fastest-growing age segment in travel. This techno-savvy group is changing the way hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. For example, about one in four (25%) millennials who book hotels does so via a mobile device. The data cited also suggests that mobile marketing can be effective at getting last minute travellers. The study found that 70 percent of hotel bookings by millennials via a mobile device are made for same or next-day check-in.

Millennials are a good target audience because they spend more money when the travel. According to data cited by the MMGY Global, nearly 60 percent of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on material goods. When put into numbers, the average millennial traveller intends to spend about $5,300 while travelling, whereas Gen Xers, say they’ll spend about $5,000.


A 2014 comScore study reported that 40 percent of the US travel audience only accessed digital travel content via mobile. An eMarketer report estimates that in 2015, total mobile travel research will rise nearly 20 percent to hit 72.8 million, or 54.6 percent of those who research travel digitally. That percentage is estimated to reach about 71 percent by 2018.

Hotels should strive to make their mobile and app experience as easy to use and functional as their desktop sites. Recently, eDigital Research ranked the apps and mobile sites of the most popular traveling sites. According to their research, Holiday Inn’s recently revamped app is a good example of what consumers want. The app got a top score of 81.6 percent on the rankings, which means the app will help in generating multichannel sales. Other notable sites for good multi-channel sales were and

“As mobile continues to grow in popularity, there will soon come a time when the mobile customer experience will overtake traditional desktop sites,” said Steve Brockway, the Director of Research at eDigital Research. “However, when that day does come (and it could come as soon as this year) digital customer experiences across varying brands will differ only very slightly – we’re already seeing minimal differences between top performing brands. Instead, to make experiences really stand out from the competition, brands need to be investing in their service and customer support. With more consumers heading online to book and browse, on and offline support will become the foundation for a fantastic customer experience”.

A final thing to keep in mind is that social media is extremely important to travellers and business owners can use that to their advantage. One way to do this is by handling customer service issues on social media platforms. People share their experiences from travel with their friends and family via social media. If a business notices that a guest has mentioned them in a negative post, they should proactively try to solve the problem, even if the guest didn’t tell the business directly. For more advice on using social media to address customer service issues, read this article on the subject.

Now is the time for businesses to improve their mobile sites and apps so they put their best foot forward. The days of travel agents and people driving to random hotels to find a vacancy are coming to a close. Using technology to help travelers will help businesses increase their revenue during the vacation season.

To learn more on how mobile marketing and the internet are changing travel, read this article with more stats on hotel marketing.


Mobile Technology and Future of Travel
Making Golf Travel Pay Sun, 18 Sep 2016 08:55:29 +0000's Director of Golf Pro Relations, Adam Ward, explains how PGA Pros can significantly boost their income with golf travel...]]> is official travel company of the PGAs of Europe and an official partner of The PGA of Great Britain & Ireland. Here, the company’s Director of Golf Pro Relations, Adam Ward, explains how PGA Pros can significantly boost their income during the quiet winter months.

How does work with PGA members?

AW: In lots of ways! We help PGA Professionals organise escorted trips for their club members and clients – whether it’s a social break or a tuition trip. We also run Pro-Ams, with teams from across Europe taking part. In 2015 there will were two in Spain, both playing La Reserva and Valderrama, plus a first-ever Pro-Am in the United States.

Why would a Pro want to run a tuition break?

AW: There are two main reasons really. Obviously Pro’s all want to earn a bit of extra money and travel is a great supplementary income over the quieter winter months. We guarantee the very best rates for PGA Pro’s, there’s a nice 5% commission on every booking and the Pro will usually stay and play for free.

Pro’s can then add their own tuition fees onto the main package price, so for several hours’ coaching in the sunshine every day over the course of a week, a Pro could make as much as £2,500 on a tuition trip for a group of six to eight.

Just as importantly, taking trips away is the perfect way to strengthen relationships with club members, which often encourages the booking of more lessons, increased retail spend during the year and much greater loyalty.

Pros are very busy people… just how easy is it to do?

AW: It’s actually much easier than you think. Pro’s will deal exclusively with our dedicated team of regional sales experts who can organise and pre-book the entire trip, including accommodation, tee-times at the best courses, guaranteed use of practice facilities, dinner reservations and airport transfers and even flights.

All the Pro needs to do is get people to sign up! The best way for Pro’s to recruit is simply to invite people face-to-face, as personal invitations are by far the most successful. And once they’ve done one trip, word of mouth quickly spreads among the members.


How far in advance do you need to plan?

AW: The earlier the better. November to March is the perfect time to go, so the best time to start planning is during the summer to ensure you get the resorts and facilities you want. Plus, that’s when Pro’s see the most clients, so it’s the perfect time to spread the word.

Why don’t more do it then?

AW: They either aren’t aware or feel that they don’t know how to do it. There are so many questions: where do I go, what are the practice facilities like, how do I set the price, how do I sell it to members, what if it all goes wrong? With their reputation at stake, many are reluctant to take on such a big task – but it’s easier than you think and we are there to help every step of the way.

Why would a Pro use and not arrange the trips themselves?

AW: They could do it, but it’s hard work…and simply not as profitable! has been the leader in golf travel since 1998 and with just a single call you can take advantage of our expertise and relationships with hotels and venues around the world. Being the Official Travel Company of the PGAs of Europe as well as an Official Partner of The PGA of GB&I, and both ATOL and ABTA bonded, we are trusted by Pros across Europe.

What would you say to any Pro thinking about taking a trip?

AW: Just give us a call… I promise you that once you do one of these trips, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!


For more information on how with with PGA Professionals visit, call the Golf Pro Relations Dept on +44 (0)1753 752884 or email

Making Golf Travel Pay
Clare-View: Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ Director of Golf on One of Turkey’s Gems Wed, 14 Sep 2016 08:13:34 +0000 PGAs of Europe Gloria Hotels & Resorts Director of Golf and PGA of GB&I Professional, David Clare, explains how the famed Turkish resort is preparing for the Annual Congress]]>

Gloria Hotels & Resorts Director of Golf and PGA of GB&I Professional, David Clare, explains how the famed Turkish resort is preparing for the 2015 Annual Congress and International Team Championship in December, along with how the resort tailors itself perfectly for visiting PGA Professionals and their guests…

Q. The Annual Congress and the ITC are heading towards Gloria this year for the second time. How do you get prepared for this huge event?

Obviously having the course in its best condition for such an important event is of the upmost importance, so we actually have a long term plan which the greenkeeper follows starting from June onwards, so all the hard work is done before the event.

Fortunately as Gloria specialises in such tournaments and conferences we know that the event will be a huge success just like last year’s conference.

Q. What are the advantages for PGA Professional Members to be part of the Gloria-world?

PGA Members benefit from special packages available to themselves and their guests including room upgrades and transfer services from the airport.  Also PGA Pros get special rates on range balls and are allowed to reserve the Practice areas in advance for the teaching groups – Gloria is the Only Resort in Turkey that offers this unique advantage.

Q. Which team will be strong at the ITC this year?

Traditionally the stronger golfing nations always do well but as the title of the event says it is International with 7 different countries winning in the last 7 years.  I think last year’s winners Scotland will have a good chance to defend their title this year as they always seem to be in the leading groups but as always it will be a very tough competition and being played over the Gloria Old Course, which is slightly tougher than the New Course, it will be a very close and exciting Championship.

Partner Banner - Gloria Golf Club

Q. Gloria has also opened the Gloria Sports Arena as the largest privately financed sporting facility in Europe recently.  What kind of target groups are you addressing?  And is there anything special for golfers?

The New Sports Arena is ideal for any form of Professional & Elite sporting bodies as it covers some 50 sports.  Obviously Football Teams and Athletic Federations are the main groups that are using the facility but we are also aiming at the National Golfing Federations to use the facilities as physical fitness has become so much more important at top level golf and the Sports Arena has the very latest high level training equipment.  It is not just for teams as we get Individual trainers bringing their players as well.

Q. What would you recommend PGA-members to do after a challenging game on your golf course?

Definitely take advantage of the superb beach and pool facilities we have as it is the perfect way to relax after a demanding game or better still relax with one of our special golfers massages available from our award winning Spas.

Q. Besides playing at the largest golf complex in Turkey, do you have any tips for visitors to discover the beautiful region around Belek?

The area around Belek is a quite remarkable with the ancient amphitheatre at Aspendos only 15 minutes away and the Roman Village ruins at Perge are only 25 minutes away.  Tourists come to this area just to visit these sites alone so it is a great opportunity to mix playing on the Championship courses and then have a cultural tour in the afternoon.  You can also go white water rafting on the Koprucay river, which is only 1 hour from Belek, or simply enjoy the beaches and Mediterranean sea.

For more information on Gloria Hotels & Resorts visit

This article originally featured in International Golf Pro News. Visit the IGPN Page to find out more and subscribe for free.


Clare-View: Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ Director of Golf on One of Turkey’s Gems
5 Tips to Pack Like a Travel Pro Tue, 28 Jun 2016 11:42:58 +0000 You might be a frequent flyer, but flight attendants and travel editors are in the air even more than you, and they have tips to make business travel more painl]]>

JESSICA STILLMAN is a freelance writer based in London with interests in unconventional career paths, generational differences, and the future of work. She has blogged for CBS MoneyWatch, GigaOM, and Brazen Careerist.



You might be a frequent flyer, but flight attendants and travel editors are in the air even more than you, and they have tips to make business travel more painless.

If your business compels you to fly frequently you probably already have strategies for packing so as to minimise the hassle of travel. But according to industry insiders such as travel editors and flight attendants, there are probably some professional-grade tricks you’re not yet using.


Never Neglect the Basics

You probably already know this but it’s so essential, it bears repeating.  The team behind travel site Fathom recently called these the golden rules: Carry-on instead of checking so that you can exit the airport immediately after reaching your destination.  Check in online 24 hours before a flight, not only to save time at the airport but also to get a better seat.


Roll, Don’t Fold

To achieve an all carry-on trip, you’ll need to save space.  So how can you get more clothes in your limited luggage and not wind up with creases on arrival?  Forget folding, says a New York Times article rounding up airline staff’s travel tips:

To make room for these new travel necessities, many flight attendants roll their clothes rather than fold them to save space. Nerea Gomez-Cambronero, an attendant with Air Europa Líneas Aéreas in Majorca, Spain, has taught friends and relatives to roll-pack clothes.  “The rolling-your-clothes tip is the basis of my entire company,” said Don Chernoff, an engineer and frequent traveller.  “It’s a more efficient use of the space.”

Even Better, Bag It

If you’re still space challenged even after employing the rolling trick, then Fathom has another idea.  “Air-compression packing bags are miraculous, squeezing air out of clothes, giving you more room in the suitcase.  Giant Ziploc bags work, too.  Just roll them tight,” suggests the post.

AEGEAN Plane_01


Dodge the Liquids Hassle

Under current safety rules, toiletries cause tons of hassle.  “Attempt to bring a large bottle of shampoo or a full-size gel deodorant through the security line and they will likely confiscate your stuff,” SmarterTravel reminds flyers.

The solution, according to Fathom, may seem like a luxury, but the blog claims this technique pays off in the long run: “Give up squeezing your favourite face wash into tiny tubes.  Buying travel-size items of your favourite products — and laundry detergent — and keeping them at the ready in a Ziploc under your sink might seem indulgent, but it will save time, product, frustration, and your skin.”


Take a Cue From Carrie Bradshaw

You may be more of a hoodie and jeans type than a fashionista like the protagonist of Sex and the City, but in the case of packing, take a lesson from Carrie – accessories count, especially shoes.  “Select shoes, then coordinate outfits around them.  Three pairs should be the maximum,” one Los Angeles-based flight attendant told the New York Times.  Save more space, and keep your shoes shaped, by shoving rolled socks inside your selected footwear.

Fathom also agrees that clever accessories are key to packing light (but well), as is thinking through your outfits from top to toes.  “Check that you’ve packed everything you need by mentally dressing yourself from shoes and socks up to goggles and hats,” suggests the site, which also urges business travellers to “pack something small that can make any outfit smarter.  You never know when you’ll need to look sharp.  For men, an uncreasable silk knotted tie. For women, a fancy scarf.”

5 Tips to Pack Like a Travel Pro
Winning Venues – The Best Golfing Destinations in Europe for the PGA Professional Fri, 25 Sep 2015 11:46:36 +0000 PGAs of Europe The PGAs of Europe’s key Championship events are hosted by some of the best golfing destinations in Europe, offering a variety of options for even the most disc]]>

The PGAs of Europe’s key Championship events are hosted by some of the best golfing destinations in Europe, offering a variety of options for even the most discerning PGA Professionals.

Here IGPN looks at the hosts of the Associations three PGA Professional Championships and reveals more about what they have to offer…

Gloria Hotels & Resorts

International Team Championship & Annual Congress (8-11 December, 2015)

Homepage Circle Image_Gloria W:
T: +90 242 710 06 00
TW: @Gloriahotels
Location Country Maps_Turkey_Belek

Belek, Turkey

Antalya Airport (AYT)
Belek is a year-round destination but October to May is the ideal time for golfers. Winters are mild and sunny – around 17°C – although you may need a jacket in the evenings. If you want your golf break to include some pool time, go between June and September, when temperatures can climb to 38°C.
Currency Turkish Lira (Approx. 3.10 Lira to 1 Euro)
Travel Information Citizens from various countries require e-Visas for permission to enter and move around Turkey. E-Visas can be bought online ahead of travel at www. and fees vary according to country of travel document and type of travel document. Travellers must also carry a passport that is valid for 150 days minimum from the date of arrival in Turkey. (

Where the Mediterranean Sea and the river Acisu encounter, Gloria Hotels & Resorts inspire with their Five-Star Resorts in the sun-blessed and whole year destination Belek at the Turkish Riviera, which is only 30 kilometres away from Antalya airport.

“Unforgettable diversity, elegance and geniality” is the motto of the Gloria Hotels & Resorts, which comprises the facilities Gloria Golf Resort, Gloria Serenity Resort, Gloria Verde Resort, Gloria Villas and Gloria Golf Club. All sites are connected via a wonderful trail full of beautiful plants and trees with the beach.


Golfing all year round – in the Gloria Golf Club

Throughout the whole year Golf Club, the largest golf course of its kind in Turkey and the largest playing area of a hotel in Europe on 3.200 square meters, is the ideal place for some excellent golf.

The Gloria Golf Club has a total of 45 holes (two 18-hole championship courses, the “Old Course” and “New Course”, and one 9-hole academic course “Verde Course”) was designed by the renowned French golf course architect Michel Gayon. Here golfers find the perfect service: whether on the golf course, in the Club House, in the restaurant-bar, in the Pro-shop with well-known brands or individual oases of quietness.

Health at Gloria

Today, the hotel group keeps up with the times and launches new health programs: From purification via healthy sleep to right nutrition guests can find a wide selection in the new VITA by Gloria Cure & Care Centre. Next to therapeutic treatments new equipment for ultrasonic and electrotherapeutic procedures were installed – such as for the MBST® – Magnetic Resonance Therapy, which is an ideal alternative for osteoarthritis, arthropathy, brittle bones, sport injuries and osteomalacia.

The enchanting world of Spa & Thalasso

Gloria Hotels & Resorts Spa & Thalasso provide international brand products and engage professional SPA-therapists with international experiences, who offer relaxing and natural healing treatments with seawater, algae, slab and sea salt.

In addition to the first thalassic centre of the region, the Asklépion Spa & Thalasso of the Gloria Verde Resort, two further wellness areas are available for guests: the Serenity Spa of the Gloria Serenity Resort and the La Source Spa of the Gloria Golf Resort.

Gloria Sports Arena is open!

Europe’s largest private investment in sports – the Gloria Sports Arena – opened its doors on 30th December 2014! The arena offers modern technology and services to more than 50 indoor and outdoor sports across a 105,000 sqm Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance Center.

The Özaltin Holding group has invested more than 50 million Dollars for this huge project. The Gloria Sports Arena – a cradle for many Olympic sport disciplines – will be the new landmark for the sport tourism of Turkey and thus will change the image of Antalya as a true golfing and soccer destination.

Lumine Mediterránea Beach Club & Golf Community Fourball Championship (10-12 February, 2016)

T: +34 977 129070
TW: @LumineGolf

Tarragona, Costa Daurada, Spain

Reus Airport (REU)

Barcelona El Prat (BCN)

Costa Daurada is graced with a quintessentially Mediterranean climate, marked by mild winters and warm summers with little rain. The region’s mountainous geography likewise contributes to its stable climate, making it an optimum place to enjoy outdoor activities all year long. Average temperatures range from approximately 14º in winter to between 21º and 29º in summer.
Currency Euro
Travel Information Costa Daurada is a coastal region at the southern tip of Catalonia. Its capital is Tarragona and it is divided into six counties with a total of 131 towns. With an area of 2,999 square kilometres, it forms, along with Terres de l’Ebre, the province of Tarragona, which, along with Lleida, Girona and Barcelona, is one of the four provinces of Catalonia. (

Just 40 minutes south of Barcelona or a 15-minute transfer from Barcelona’s Reus airport, golf in the Costa Daurada remains something of a well-kept secret.  The renowned ‘Golden Coast’ already has some seriously good golf, including the Greg Norman-designed course at the 36-hole venue LUMINE Mediterránea Beach & Golf Club in Vila-Seca/La Pineda Platja – a state-of-the-art Spanish resort that is fast gaining a reputation for being one of Europe’s premier golfing destinations.

With a broad variety of attractions, including 45-holes of championship golf, a variety of hotel options to suit all budgets, a first-class events and conference centre, restaurants serving modern Mediterranean cuisine and a magnificent Beach Club, LUMINE offers a luxurious haven in which to unwind and get away from the stresses of daily life.


45-Holes of Golfing Paradise

LUMINE is a true golfing haven, with 45-holes that offer a wide-variety of challenges for players of all skill levels. With Troon Golf at the helm alongside dedicated staff, guests are guaranteed pristine course conditioning, smooth and fast greens alongside first-class service and hospitality.  The three LUMINE courses are the first in Spain to be awarded the Audubon International Gold Signature Sanctuary Certificate, regarded worldwide as the kite mark for the most environmentally aware leisure developments.

The centre, previously base to their official winter training camps, has received rich praise from the Austrian and Finnish Golf Federation’s elite squads and is a popular choice for PGA Professionals leading group training.

Aprs Golf

Once you step off the final green a wealth of world-class facilities await, including two fully equipped clubhouses and the luxurious LUMINE Beach Club. Situated on 1km of golden Spanish beach and pine-clad hillside above the sweeping bay of Tarragona’s Playa Del Llarga, it offers the perfect mix of style, relaxation, excitement and fine dining.  With nine swimming pools laid out on a series of terraces with luxury beds and loungers, this has become a fashionable venue for a young crowd as well as families and couples.

Surrounding Region and Attractions

The Costa Daurada region is brimming with leisure, cultural and historic attractions. Spain’s largest theme park and one of country’s biggest entertainment attractions, PortAventura, lies just 5km away.

To the north lies the Priorat wine region, the birthplace of exquisite reds that many wine writers and collectors consider to be Spain’s most elite.  The historic town of Tarragona is also just a 15-minute drive from LUMINE.  With 2,200 years of history and a Roman heritage preserved in dozens of monuments and architectural remains, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Essential Roman highlights include the Amphitheatre, the Circus depicting the route of early chariot racing, a one-kilometer stretch of original walls and fortifications from the 2nd Century BC, and a temple with its surviving portico.

If it’s bustling nightlife or seaside sophistication you are looking for, then the choice is yours; with both the busy resort of Salou and the more peaceful marina port of Cambrils just a few minutes’ drive away.

Pravets Golf & Spa Resort

UniCredit PGA Professional Championship of Europe (14-17 October, 2015)

T: +359 882 550813
TW: @PravetsGolfClub

Pravets, Bulgaria

Sofia Airport (SOF)
Sofia has a humid continental climate with an average annual temperature of 10.2 °C (50.4 °F). Winters are cold and snowy. In the coldest days temperatures can drop as low as -15°C or even lower, most notably in January. In summer, Sofia is often subjected to heat waves with high temperatures reaching or exceeding 35°C in the hottest days, particularly in July and August. (Source:
Currency Bulgarian Lev (Approx. 1.96 Lev to 1 Euro)
Travel Information Pravets is a town in the Pravets Municipality in central western Bulgaria, located approximately 60 km from the capital Sofia. Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and its largest city. Founded thousands of years ago, today the city continues to develop as the country’s cultural and economic center. At present, the city has a population of 1,250,000. (Source:

Pravets Golf Club

Pravets Golf Club offers a Peter Harradine designed 18-hole, par 72, Championship golf course and a state-of-the-art golf academy with an extensive practice area.  This parkland style golf course boasts spectacular views of the local mountains and lake, framed by the impressive RIU Pravets Resort hotel.

The par-three eighth hole, played as the 17th during the UniCredit PGA Professional Championship of Europe, is the signature hole with its challenging island green.  The 9th and the 18th greens are united in one double green, alike the well-known features of the Old Course in St Andrews.

The modern clubhouse is situated on the south side of the Pravets Lake and perfectly complements the splendid picturesque mountain scenery, just a step away from the double green of the 9th and 18th hole.  The unique terrace of the Panorama restaurant gives patrons a beautiful view of the parkland style course.

The Pravets Golf Academy is one of the best-designed learning facilities in Europe.  The club’s coaching facilities are state-of-the-art and offer covered and uncovered practice range bays, a dedicated short game area and teaching studios.


Hotel RIU Pravets Resort Golf & Spa

Hotel RIU Pravets Resort is located 50 km away from Sofia – easily accessible, only 45 minutes drive on Hemus highway and yet distant enough from the daily stress of the big city.  The hotel provides a quiet and cozy atmosphere for relaxation or work, and offers its guests breathtaking views of the lake and the golf course, as well as the picturesque slopes of Stara Planina.

The hotel has a total of 242 units offering all features and services to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the leisure and business traveler.
The “Hunters’“ and “Panorama” restaurants give guests the opportunity to enjoy fine dining through a sophisticated international menu, game specialties and exquisite desserts.
For those who appreciate good wine, the hotel has its own sommelier who has prepared an excellent international selection of white and red wines.

The proximity of Pravets Sports Complex (with multifunctional sports hall, 3 football fields, 4 basketball and volleyball playgrounds and 3 tennis courts) is a great opportunity for camping and training of sport teams.

Hotel guests can enjoy their coffee or cocktail by the open air Olympic-size swimming pool during the day or some quality time in the lobby bar, the piano bar or the bowling centre in the evenings.

Spa Facilities:

The SPA collects the best of the past and ultra- modern technology and occupies an area of ​​nearly 3000m2. It will offer you a unique combination of cutting-edge and classic relaxation techniques. Incredible variety of procedures and individual programs supported by ultra modern facilities will satisfy every customer.

For more information on the Association’s tournament and education events visit

Winning Venues –  The Best Golfing Destinations in Europe for the PGA Professional
Travel Broadens All Minds Wed, 16 Sep 2015 07:59:14 +0000 Ian Randell The old adage that ‘travel broadens the mind’ is undoubtedly true – venturing outside of your normal community and environment allows you to be exposed to diffe]]>

The old adage that ‘travel broadens the mind’ is undoubtedly true – venturing outside of your normal community and environment allows you to be exposed to different cultures, languages and ways of life.

I have been very fortunate throughout my career to be able to see the world as an integral part of my job and I believe that having an international perspective and experience and understanding of other cultures has benefitted me greatly both personally and professionally. Sharing knowledge and good practice across organisations and PGA Professionals by spending time with people from other PGAs, golfing organisations and PGA Professionals is at the heart of the operation of the PGAs of Europe.

With travel on our minds for this issue, the PGAs of Europe make it our business to provide opportunities for PGA Professionals to travel whether it be to compete in international tournaments or Pro-Ams, educational events such as the recent Coaches Circle in Bulgaria or purely to take trips with clients through the likes of our Corporate Partners,, providing a world of opportunities.

Our tournament schedule continues to expand and it is fitting that we take a look at some of our fantastic event venues that we are lucky enough to have on our schedule.  We are thankful to them all for their hospitality and support in various ways and I hope that you get an opportunity to visit them either at one of our events or separately making use of the great deals many of these places have for PGA Professionals.

I have just returned from my most recent trip where I was very fortunate to travel to the US PGA Championship with our Chairman, Sandy Jones. Whilst there, we were able to share some of the golf development initiatives taking place across Europe for an interview with SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio.

It would seem to me that there are some fantastic initiatives around the globe to encourage more people to play more golf more often and experience our wonderful sport. It would also seem that golf at the elite level could not be in a better place! The four men’s majors have been full of great golf, interesting story lines and excitement. Jason Day’s win at Whistling Straits (an amazing venue that is sure to provide a fitting stage when we return there for the Ryder Cup matches in 2020) saw him take his rightful place as a Major Champion after several near misses and he now joins Rory and Jordan in making up a triumvirate of twenty-somethings atop of the world rankings.

When you add in the fact that 17 year olds, in the form of Canadian, Brooke Henderson and Germany’s Dominic Foos (a member of the Junior Ryder Cup team in 2012), setting new records on the LPGA and European Challenge Tour respectively – the top of the professional games seems to be in a very exciting place!

I hope you enjoy the read this month and you are inspired by this issue to get out there and explore the golfing world.

This article originally featured in International Golf Pro News. Visit the IGPN Page to find out more and subscribe for free.


Travel Broadens All Minds